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Publicado el 12.07.2019 | Visitas: 11 | Nº de inventario: #106125
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How does it work?

Once the high quality ingredients have been selected for the preparation of the food with the desired nutritional standards, the next step is the grinding phase (using one or several Meelko hammer mills), which is fundamental in the process of preparing feed for animals and depends entirely on the particle size distribution to generate premium quality pellets.
When the grinding phase has been completed, the resulting powder is mixed with smaller ingredients (such as minerals, vitamins, etc.) and then passed to the cooking stage by extrusion and molding. The extrusion cooking of the Meelko extruder machines allows for a perfect mixture and application of cutting control parameters, temperature and time of permanence until reaching the highest physical and nutritional standards.

After this, the product must be dried, for this we also provide drying ovens, they ensure a homogeneous drying to facilitate the packaging process, for which we also have Meelko packing machines.
Especificaciones técnicas:
Item 1
Modelo: MKED040C
Alimentación: 6 kW
Capacidad: 30-40 /hr

Precio: USD $ 18,650.00

Item 2
Modelo: MKHM198B
Alimentación: 7.5kw
Capacidad: 300-400 kg
Dimensiones: 1200*1000*1200 mm
Peso aproximado: 320/360 kg
Precio: USD $ 18,650.00

Item 3
Modelo: MKLS2-2
Precio: USD $ 18,650.00

Item 4
Modelo: MKMH150B
Alimentación: 2.2kw
Capacidad: 150 /hr
Dimensiones: 1930×600×1100mm
Peso aproximado: 184kg
Precio: USD $ 18,650.00

Item 5
Modelo: GC-K50
Alimentación: 4N-AC380V 50Hz ≤6kw/25A
Escala: 1-10g
Exactitud: ≤0.2%
Peso aproximado: 5-50kg

Precio: USD $ 18,650.00

Item 6
Modelo: MKWH150
Alimentación: 0.37KW
Capacidad: 120-150(kg/h)
Dimensiones: 3200*1200*1550mm
Peso aproximado: 650kg
Precio: USD $ 18,650.00

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