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MKEW90B electric extruder

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Publicado el 13.06.2019 | Visitas: 13 | Nº de inventario: #104294
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When the grinding phase has been completed, the resulting powder is mixed with smaller ingredients (such as minerals, vitamins, etc.) and then passed to the cooking stage by extrusion and molding. The extrusion cooking of the Meelko extruder machines allow to achieve a perfect mixture and to apply control parameters of cut, temperature and time of permanence until reaching the highest physical and nutritional standards. Through the direct injection of steam by means of a ventilation device and an efficient cooling barrel, the configuration of the screws, the shearing and the temperature conditions are perfectly controlled, which results in pellets with optimized functional and nutritional properties, such as: apparent density, calibration, degree of cooking, better relationship between proteins and lipids, etc.

When finished, the pellets can be coated with oil and cooled, in order to complete the process.

All Meelko extruders have their electronic board with speed variator for the pellet cutting motor, to precisely regulate the desired length of the pellets with high precision.

The most important thing is the safety of the operator and the equipment, that is why the general control panel contains all the engineering in electromechanics designed so that no problem occurs in the use. It has thermal control of motor save, emergency stop, triangle star start, visual temperature control, voltage control, amperage control.

Technical specifications:
Model: MKEW90B
Power: 37 kW
Capacity: 1102-1279 lbs/hr

PRICE: USD $ 30,112.00
SHIPPING: USD $ 650.00

Contact phone: +17862315206 Ext: 109
Whatsapp Meelko phone: +17862168098

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